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Bloomberg SPACE, London
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____________Open Space, Open Systems - Vienna
____________CAA 2011 Conference, New York
____________Forum Stadtpark, Graz
____________Symposium, Istanbul
____________lungomare, Bozen/Bolzano
____________Metropolis Biennale 2007-17, Copenhagen
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____________Livestream of Networked Cultures documentary


The Networked Cultures database is a platform for sharing information about urban and geopolitical projects. It establishes an ecology of communication and networking beyond national borders and offers an interactive and growing archive for research into emerging architectural cultures. Here you can find out about the diversity of emerging urban practices and the work they do. To add your own art or architectural projects, urban interventions, research results and ideas please contact info@networkedcultures.org

5 Factories - Worker Control in Venezuelaby: Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler
2006-01-01 - In their second film regarding political and social change in Venezuela, after 'Venezuela from Below' (67 min., 2004), Azzellini and Ressler focus on the industrial sector in '5 Factories - Worker Control in Venezuela'. The changes in Venezuela's productive sphere are demonstrated with five large companies in various regions: a textile company, aluminum works, a tomato factory, a cocoa factory, and a paper factory.
2006-01-01 - ALMOSTREAL is an ECF initiated funding project for the arts which both supports and researches art and the practice of collaboration between different cultural contexts in Europe.
AnArchitekturby: Jesko Fezer
2006-01-01 - The magazine An Architektur tackles the raisons d'etre and effects of buildings. Each topical issue features particular political and social aspects of architecture and the city under current capitalist conditions.
Arizona Roadby: Azra Aksamija
2006-01-01 - The project Arizona Road examines the new urban phenomena of the largest black market in the Balkans, the Arizona Market located near the city of Brcko. Arizona Road was the name given by the American military to the North-South highway in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project focuses on the discovery and examination of new political, social, economic and urban conditions that have surfaced after the war in Bosnia.
Balkan Konsulatby: rotor
2002-10-01 - For one and a half years, < rotor >, an association for contemporary art, became the "Balkan Konsulat". During the whole year of "Graz 2003- Cultural Capital of Europe", curators from South-Eastern Europe came to the consulate to organize the program for this very important year.
Bata-ville: We are not afraid of the futureby: Nina Pope + Karen Guthrie / www.somewhere.org.uk
2002-10-01 - Bata-ville is a bittersweet record of a unique English coach trip across Europe to the origins of the Bata shoe empire in Zlin. Against the backdrop of economic regeneration in their local communities, former employees of the now-closed UK shoe factories in East Tilbury and Maryport are led on a journey that sees them reflect on their shared history and on what their future may hold back at home.
Black Benz Raceby: krcf in collaboration with Felix Stalder, Arben Gecaj, Faton Topalli and Osman Osmani
2007-05-01 - The Blackbenz Race was outlined as a semi fictional car race starting from Zurich, with deviations to London and The Hague to Bari, Tirana, Tetovo, Pristina and return to Zurich, traversing roads which were used as support corridors during the Balkan War in Kosovo.
Black Sea Filesby: Ursula Biemann
2005-12-01 - The video project investigates the oil geography of the Caspian basin and the Caucasian corridor: the world's oldest oil extraction zone. At the example of the giant oil pipeline presently under construction, the project looks at the relations between the transnational flow of resources, capital, people and images in this highly political terrain.
Camp La Jolla Military Parkby:Owen Mundy
2010-12-01 - The project "Camp La Jolla Military Park" involved creating a data collection system for investigating relationships of power within the Military Academic Industrial Complex in Southern California.
2006-08-09 - The project of REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT for UrbanFestival Zagreb provides a possibility for local voluntary initiatives and civil society organisations to create ideas for new street names and present them in public space. Groups and associations that deal with issues like minority protection, female human rights, political discourses, environmental protection, responsible use of media and citizens rights were invited to rename ten streets in the city of Zagreb.
Conceptual Paradise. There is a place for sophisticationby: Stefan Roemer
2006-12-11 - In three years of filmic research, the artist and author Stefan Roemer has interviewed numerous outstanding international artists with his film team. In engaging in intellectual exchanges before the camera, Stefan Roemer is able to develop a special filmic mode of reflecting on the state of international contemporary art.
de-regulationby: Irit Rogoff, Kutlug Ataman, Stefan Roemer
2006-12-02 - Long streams of talk, of monologues, wind their way from Kutlug Atamanss video installations demanding to be heard, to be paid attention. They speak of the life experience of subjects so unexpected that they have no category to occupy within conventional social life. Following on from Gilles Deleuze's notion of 'State Philosophy', of a philosophy that is dependent on cohesion between the subject, their ideas and their contexts, we have been tempted to think of 'State Experience',
Dictionary of warby: multitude e.v & unfriendly takeover
2006-06-02 - Dictionary of War is a collaborative platform for creating 100 concepts on the issue of war, to be invented, arranged and presented by scientists, artists, theorists and activists at four public, two-day events in Frankfurt, Munich, Graz and Berlin. The aim is to create key concepts that either play a significant role in current discussions of war, have so far been neglected, or have yet to be created.
Disobbedientiby: Dario Azzellini & Oliver Ressler
2002-07-01 - The video "Disobbedienti" thematizes the Disobbedienti's origins, political bases, and forms of direct action on the basis of conversations with seven members of the movement. The Disobbedienti emerged from the Tute Bianche during the demonstrations against the G8 summit in Genoa in July 2001. The 'Tute Bianche' were the white-clad Italian activists who used their bodies - protected by foam rubber, tires, helmets, gas masks, and homemade shields - in direct acts and demonstrations as weapons of civil disobedience.
ErsatzStadt / SubstituteCityby: Kulturstiftung des Bundes
2002-09-25 - While the European urban bourgeoisie regards urban life without highly regulated norms to be potentially anarchic, outside Europe forms of normality contradicting this 'Civitas' can be observed: irregular urban life in self-constructed settlements is frequently met with state repression, state control and violence typical of the Mafia or of civil war. The image of the "European city" leaves out of account the fact that phenomena attributed to "Third World cities", such as multinational immigration, informal markets and other economies of poverty, long existed in European cities.
Fallen Fruitby: David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young
2009-03-25 - Using fruit as our lens, Fallen Fruit investigates urban space, ideas of neighborhood and new forms of located citizenship and community. From protests to proposals for new urban green spaces, we aim to reconfigure the relation between those who have resources and those who do not, to examine the nature of & in the city, and to investigate new, shared forms of land use and property. Fallen Fruit is an art collaboration that began with creating maps of public fruit: the fruit trees growing on or over public property in Los Angeles.
2009-03-25 - FLAT SPACE for mObile gallery / 2008-09 A project for the public space for the city of Chisinau designed by Stefan Rusu
Go & Seeby: Ventzislav Zankov & Ivana Mourdjeva
2008-02-04 - The 'Go & See' Project is planned within the framework of the 'Close-up discussion project as a vehicle to promote alternative presentations and debates and in this way fit in a niche, left vacant by institutionalized discussions that have similar focus of dispute. Introducing a wide variety of topics, this project will trace out the dynamics between the visual, the political and the conceptual.
Going Publicby: aMAZElab
2005-01-01 - GOING PUBLIC is a mobile open platform, a network of production, reflection and cultural exchange, that establishes itself in peripherical areas.
I see the stars at noonby: Tourist with a typewriter
- In January of 2004, in the northern Moroccan city of Tangiers, first time documentary filmmaker Saeed Taji Farouky met a 26 year-old Moroccan named Abdelfattah. He was a clandestine, one of many Africans who try to cross the narrow Straits of Gibraltar and illegally enter Spain by stowing away on cargo ships or boarding inflatable rafts. By the end of their first meeting, Abdelfattah had agreed to let Saeed follow him to film every aspect of his journey, including his dealings with people-smugglers, his struggle to raise the 750 Euro fee, and his final days with his family before leaving.
Leaps of faithby: Katerina Gregos, Erden Kosova
2005-05-02 - The project aims to animate and activate public spaces, buildings and sites in the divided city of Nicosia and the war-ravaged Green Line, partitioning the capital of Cyprus, through an international public arts event.
Lost Highway Expeditionby:School of Missing Studies
2006-08-01 - A multitude of individuals, groups and institutions will form a massive intelligent swarm that would move roughly along the unfinished “Highway of Brotherhood and Unity” in the former Yugoslavia. The road was made in sixties in the massive voluntary campaign of the peoples of all nationalities that constituted Yugoslavia.
MigMapby: Labor k3000 in collaboration with TRANSIT MIGRATION
2004-01-01 - MigMap conveys online a picture of how and where the production of knowledge is currently taking place in the area of migration - and of who is participating in and has access to it. MigMap investigates how the new forms of supranational governance that can be observed in the European migration regime function.
On the Question of Self-Organization in the Artsby: CAT group
2003-01-01 - Diagnosis: In contemporary Russia, the existent system of power seems totally incapable of formulating or realizing any consistent cultural policy, just it seems unable to formulate any coherent policy on the whole. Nevertheless, it constantly imposes the chimera of the necessity for unity with the state. In order to do so, it continuously promotes and demonizes the image of a certain outer or inner enemy, be it terrorism, orange revolution, or the aggression of U.S. foreign policy, geared toward conquering and dividing our country etc.
Openfridaysby: context + straddle3
2002-01-01 - Openfridays came into being as a result of opening straddle3's work space to the reflection on the implications of new concepts of the movement of freeware, and specifically of exploring new social practices at work and in the company in the digital era. the first sessions formed part of a body of research into the theme in collaboration with riereta.net, a technological workshop centring on open source.
Park Fictionby: Arbeitsgruppe Park Fiction
1994-01-01 - Acting from a subordinate position, residents organised in the Hafenrandverein (Harbour Edge Association) prevented the development of the slope along the Elbe River in St. Pauli, which was to consume millions; they caused the local development plan to be chopped and succeeded in having a self-organised park with a view to the Elbe realised instead.
Park Productsby: Public Works
2004-08-01 - A series of collaboratively produced products using resources found in Kensington Gardens to be exchanged in a non-monetary mini-economy during the summer 2004.
Periferic Biennialby: Vektor Association
2006-05-12 - The seventh edition of Periferic Biennial is a project which focusses on different aspects of socio-political and cultural context of Iasi and Romania. The project will result in a series of exhibitions, opening in Iasi on May 12, 2006.
Pixel Grainby: Year Zero One
2006-01-01 - A project initiated by artists Michael Alstad + Leah Lazariuk, pixelgrain is an online repository of documents and ideas linked to the fading symbol of the Canadian prairie grain elevator.
Refused!by: x u r b a n
2005-08-05 - In the beginning of this year, we proposed an exhibition project to the 9th Istanbul Biennial to be presented in a museum in Europe and wrote down the following position paper: Re: Fuse
Relationsby: relations e.V.
2005-01-01 - 'relations' is a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation that is exploring new ways of cultural exchange between Germany and the countries of eastern Europe. 'relations' becomes active wherever cultural actors, starting from local problems and issues, develop artistic projects which tackle socially relevant questions in a unique and idiosyncratic way and critically discuss and analyze both the present and the past.
RepublicArtby: European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies
2002-01-01 - Republic is not about reforming a form of state, nor countering the crisis of the nation-state, nor transforming it into one or several super-states. Our investigations focus on the concrete experiences of non-representationist practices, the constituent activities particularly in the movements against economic globalization. Yet, the art of res publica does not imply acclaiming a new global community with revolutionary pathos.
Scan Istanbulby: Despoina Sevasti, Oguz Icsöz, Haralabos Galanopoulos
2003-08-15 - Scan Istanbul, Suburbs of a 21st Century Metropolis is an interdisciplinary project where young artists, architects, city planners and theoreticians from Istanbul and Athens examine the spatial realities and cultural narratives of the sprawling suburban cityscape of Istanbul.
seekerby: leon cmielewski & josephine starrs
2006-01-01 - Seeker¹s interactive component enables participants to map their own personal family migration history. Making a contribution allows access to a visualisation of all accumulated maps. The most recent vectors are drawn first, followed gradually by the vectors of previous participants. An alternative animated visualisation can be accessed by the viewer where elegant curves represent the distance each generation has travelled.
Shrinking Citiesby: Kulturstiftung des Bundes
2002-01-01 -
spacem - build up on the roadby: Heinz Holzmann & Thomas Gamsjaeger
2006-01-01 - Moving through space, human beings create unexpected new relations with their environment, affecting it in a physical as well as virtual way. spacem will move through that constantly changing space, distorting it, discovering new perspectives.
STEALTH.unlimitedby: Ana Dzokic, Marc Neelen, Mario Campanella
2004-01-01 - STEALTH.unlimited is a practice with an interest in urban systems. Our approach starts with turning usually not recognized urban practices and relations visible. For instance, how control over space shifts, who is allowed to appropriate space, and what are the hidden forces behind. It is a view on the city driven by dynamics of spatial and programmatic evolution - and a perspective that finds its relevance in culture, art and science as much as in spatial planning.
subvision. kunst. festival. off.by:subvision
- subvision focuses on initiatives experimenting with new exhibition and communication formats going beyond traditional forms of the art business with its fairs and biennales. For the first time, artists' initiatives from all over the world, whose working methods as well as art presentation and distribution strategies manoeuvre outside established institutions and commercial structures, will come together.
SUD 2007 programmeby: iStrike Foundation and doual''art
- iStrike is an environmental organisation which aims at highlighting and surveying new dynamics of intercultural exchange and international cultural co-operation. To stress and overcome definitions of culture, identity, diversity and development, iStrike Foundation produces visual representations of territories, focuses on the environment and strengthens the idea of resources, avoiding activities based on problem solving.
Summitby: multitude e.V. + Goldsmiths
2007-05-24 - The debates around education are shifting. In Europe, questions of coordinated systems with comparable outcomes seem to dominate the concerned discussion around the forthcoming "Bologna" accord. While much critical opposition focuses on the loss of local traditions and fears of global homogenization -- both sets of responses serve only to fetishize knowledge within a commodity economy of education.
Support Structureby: Celine Condorelli & Gavin Wade
2003-11-29 - Support Structure is an architectural interface. Support Structure aims to create a space which is continuously reinvented by its users in relation to its context. Support Structure houses artefacts as well as activities and aids reconsideration of existing spaces as an impulse for future change.
TAMAby: Maria Papadimitriou
2002-01-01 - TAMA is located in Avliza, a run-down area in western Athens 10 km from the center of the capital and very close to the new Olympic village. Itinerant populations such as Gypsies and Vlach Romanians from north of Greece use this area as a pied-Ã -terre. My discovery of the place was accidental, but my involvement in its life was intentional
taxi_onomyby: Celine Condorelli & Beatrice Gibson
2005-04-01 - taxi_onomy is an art architecture collaboration that reapporpriates the taxi using it as a tool through which to rethink and propose a series of inteventions within and through the territory of the urban. taxi_onomy is an architectural and virtual interface.
Terminal 01by: Year Zero One
- Terminal Zero One (T01) is a site-specific digital art exhibition of five projects exploring themes of contemporary air travel and the architecture of airports. Airports are networks, information is increasingly networked, the T01 exhibit examines people as data, motion as trajectories and the symbiosis of virtual and actual.
territories of Durationby: Gulsen Bal
2006-06-23 - The project curator Gulsen Bal brings forward artist responses by asking where borders and in-between spaces exist in trans-local and/or trans-national boundaries in re-locating European space in order to delineate dynamic answers to static structures.
The production & consumption of space in Santorini islandby: Zoe Hatziyannaki
2008-01-22 - The aim of the research is to investigate the meaning of space produced in the island of Santorini. A thorough and comprehensive investigation of the facts that have contributed to the very recent transformation of Santorini island is thus needed. The characteristics of this transformation are complicated and difficult to locate: A general account of this transformation could be described as that of a rural place to a built-up tourist center.
The way we see itby: Proboscis
2005-01-01 - The Way We See It came into existence in 2005 with two main purposes. The first was to show off the incredible diversity of the wonderful city we live in and to show some of the lesser known, yet interesting parts of it.
Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accesionby: New Media Center_kuda.org (in cooperation with V2_Institute of the Unstable Media, Rotterdam)
2004-04-29 - On May 1, 2004 the European Union will expand beyond its current "core Europe" constellation to include, for the first time, nations of the former Eastern and Non-Aligned Blocks. For these ten nations the 'day of accession' is the opportunity to rejoin a European sphere which, for many, was felt to have been robbed through the militarily enforced alliances of the Cold War.
United We Standby: 0100101110101101.
2006-01-01 - 'United We Stand. Europe has a mission' is the punchy title of the non-existent, fully EU-produced Hollywood-style blockbuster: "A brilliant mix of espionage and sci-fi political stereotypes in which Europe, not the USA, saves the world from impending doom". The project that consists in the invention and promotion of this nonexistent movie is hitting public and media space all over the world through city-scale urban installations and viral communication tactics.
Urban Driftby: Francesca Ferguson
2003-09-01 - urban drift is .. a collaborative platform for contemporary urban strategies / a network initiating and supporting urban interventions / a hybrid urban praxis, opening up and communicating architecture to a wider audience
What, How and for Whomby: WHW
2006-09-01 - What, How and for Whom / WHW is an independent curatorial collective that organizes different production, exhibition and publishing projects, and also directs Galerija Nova in Zagreb, Croatia.
Why we left the village and came backby: myvillages.org
- An exhibition and events programme that looks at the rural environment as a space for contemporary art practice. The two months programme explores the rural environment as a place for art production, a new socio-cultural place and a space for critical reflection.
[Collecting System]by: Learning Group (R.Luther, C.Wendt, J.Castro)
2004-01-01 - [Collecting System] gathers unused materials to be used in local daily life. Unused materials accumulated by [Collecting System] are to be used for education, research and other things.



+ Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen
+ Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri
+ atelier d'architecture autogérée (aaa)
+ Asya Filippova
+ Sophie Hope and Sarah Carrington
+ Branca Curcic
+ Christoph Schaefer
+ Campement Urbain
+ Claudia Zanfi
+ Despoina Sevasti and Poka-Yio
+ Erden Kosova
+ Helmut Batista


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